Да вършим Божията воля така, както се върши в небето

We poor wretches here in this evil world with a flesh in which dwells no good thing. With a strong self-will and strong desires, strong opinions and then to be saved to such a degree that God´s will can take place in our lives that we personally, each one of us do God´s will as it is done in heaven. And those in heaven don’t have any such will to deny but we do and yet we can do God´s will as it is done in heaven.

Yes, who thinks that they have done it that way? When we have asked each individual if they thought that they had done God´s will then I think each one would hesitate. And if you were to be among one of those few who were to say yes without hesitating then yet it would be necessary to add this question so that it was in accordance with this word here, do you think that you do it AS it is done in heaven?

All God´s will is to be done on earth as it is in heaven. And then we can ask how is it in heaven? That´s the easiest thing to answer of everything or perhaps better said it´s the only thing that is easy to answer. It doesn’t take much to understand that.

But it´s not certain that we´ve thought so much about this and therefore it doesn´t have such an impact on us either. And therefore, I am glad to be able to bring this out now so that it can have a greater effect on us, a greater impact on us.

In heaven of course God´s will is done in this way. It´s done immediately. It´s hardly been said before it´s been done. It´s done immediately!


Чуй речта: „Да вършим добрата Божия воля“: Запиши нещо конкретно, което е било Божия воля за теб днес. Помисли, как може да се извърши на земята така, както се върши на небето.

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