Believe in the God of miracles

Believe in the God of wonders! Believe in the God of miracles! Believe in wonders and miracles in your inner man!

There are miracles, things that surpass all understanding and comprehension. There are things that are beyond all human calculations. Believe in miracles regarding salvation in the depths of your heart!

It’s fairly common after a person has worked with something for a long time that there’s still very little progress. Believe in miracles! And when it is like this that you have been working and working for such a long time, who would believe then that anything is ever going to come of it!

God is the God of miracles, and think about such a miracle! One who was so wretched; I don’t know how I’m going to express it. But such a pathetic creature which we all are because of the fall, and especially as we’ve heard, beings who are full of unrest. What a miracle to come into God’s rest while we are in these mortal bodies and in this evil world. What a miracle!

Rest, when all the devils are loose, when everything is upside down. Rest! God’s rest! Rest as Jesus rested when He was sleeping in the back of the boat. What would you call that? I call it a miracle above every other miracle.

What are these things that aren’t so good, and how can we possibly be saved in big things or in small things? By faith in God; by faith in the God of miracles!

Our reasoning says one thing and other people say the same thing, that you’ve been going on for so many years, and it’s still no better than it is. Nothing will ever come of you! No, not unless god performs a miracle, then it won’t, but He gladly performs miracles. Especially that miracle. He himself is a hundred thousand million times more interested in such a miracle than in the miracle of changing stones into bread.

His name is Miracle, or Wonder. His name is wonder; His name is Miracle, and the name in the biblical sense expresses how one is, it’s not like Hansen or Pettersen, which are just labels. Biblically speaking, a name expresses the content of the person who bears that name. His name is Wonder and that means that is what He does. He performs wonders, miracles.

It can look dark; it can look impossible. Then there’s no other option than a miracle. But think, that is an option! Think, how fantastic! There’s no other hope! Yes, I can easily relinquish every other hope as long as I have this option.

Food for thought

What do YOU think is the most important thing that Elias Aslaksen wants to bring across in the message, “Believe in the God of miracles?”

  • I need a miracle to take place in my life, no matter how things have been before
  • There is hope for everyone who believes in the God of miracles
  • Nothing is impossible when we have to do with God

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