Commit your souls to the faithful Creator

1 Peter 4:19

What a fitting and weighty expression this is! We are not to live for ourselves or do as we think, but we are to commit our soul to Him and surrender to Him lock, stock, and barrel, with everything that is in us, in full confidence toward Him, the Creator—the One who has created all things and now desires to create something completely new in our inner man. We are not to rely on our human reasoning and feelings, but only and without reservation on Him, on His Word, according to the perfect light of the New Testament.

The motto is: blind trust and simple faithfulness in small and great things. We cannot tell the Creator how He should create! That is His business. Our business is to be totally surrendered to His will. All glory and praise to Him!

Test yourself whether you are really—fully and unreservedly, without any remnant of your own will—committed to Him. If that is not the case, then surrender yourself to Him now, because it is certainly better late than never!

When the soul is being poured out into the death of Christ, we receive a sense for spiritual things. Those who are soulish have not committed their soul to Him.

Food for thought

In the article “Commit Your Souls to the Faithful Creator”, Aslaksen writes about being committed to God” fully and unreservedly, without any remnant of your own will.” What do you think he means with this?

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