Humble of heart

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For example, it´s written that it´s not unto he who wills or he who runs, but God who shows mercy. Is there any law for to whom He shows mercy, to whom He shows grace? Yes, there absolutely is. Superficially speaking you could say, “Well, then it makes no difference; what good is it to be zealous?” You can say that, but that doesn’t mean that it´s by chance or some kind of lottery or that God has mood swings. We know to whom He gives grace! We know to whom He gives more grace, and to whom He gives most grace and also to whom He absolutely does not give grace.

There are many who run, many who want, many who are ambitious. Do you know that term? What is that? That I want something; I want to go up, I want to do more, I want to be a servant of the Lord, I want to speak really well. It doesn´t make any difference, all these things you want. Are you willing to go down? You can be in the midst of the church of the living God without ever becoming happy. What is the reason for that? I don´t say there are many reasons. It is a lack of humility. I am too great, too strong in myself, and that is the only reason. It´s easy to prove; there are so very many examples.

If it goes poorly with one, you don´t have victory over sin. Yes that´s great wretchedness and in the midst of that, you have a lot of interest in standing forth and speaking beautifully. Is there anyone who can recognize themselves here? Is there anyone who can recognize this? It´s not dangerous to be humble. It´s not dangerous to acknowledge. Do you understand this? It´s the opposite that is dangerous. Is there anyone who recognizes themselves here? Is there a point in this? Spiritually speaking it is crazy, that´s what it is. Said in another way, it´s hypocrisy and it´s acting. It is to be bluffing and to impress people, to get some honor that I do not in any way deserve. Isn´t it? Let´s be finished with that, finished with that forever. To be interested in getting victory over sin. What is the way to that? What is it? It is to be humble. It is to humble yourself. Then God will give me grace even if I haven´t asked for it.

Food for thought

In the message “Humble of heart”, Aslaksen quotes a verse from Romans 9 which says that it is not of him who wills, nor of him who runs, but of God who shows mercy (grace). Does that mean it is no use to “run?” Why should we still humble ourselves?

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