God’s method of working

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God’s method of working is essentially always the same. This is also quite reasonable, since everyone is inclined in the same manner, namely, to be puffed up and have exalted thoughts about themselves so that they receive the honor for what God in His great grace has worked in and through them.

This is precisely why His firm plan and working method is to prevent this, and why the aim of His work is to break us down according to the flesh and get us to sink considerably in our own eyes—for instance, by not letting certain things work out for us, by withdrawing Himself and His grace in certain circumstances and thereby letting us taste the fruit of our own ways, the fruit of our own strength, our will, and our human reasoning.

In this manner He humbles us, and thus we receive ballast in our life’s ship so we can endure a voyage in all kinds of changing weather without capsizing, so we can reach the eternal haven safe and sound.

Of course, it is His loving, good will to exalt us together with Him; therefore, He has to break us down powerfully so that we can bear to be exalted in the end without receiving honor for it ourselves.

He accomplishes this with a firm hand and a steadfast heart, without being in the least influenced by our lack of understanding of His method of working.

Glory, glory, glory to His name!

Food for thought

In the article “God’s method of working”, Aslaksen writes about taking the honor that belongs to God for yourself. It is one thing to receive honor from people, but can you think of another concrete example of how you can take the honor that belongs to God, and why this is so dangerous?

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