From only lying—to only truth!

What a salvation! What a transformation! What a development! What a calling! What an absolutely indescribable love God has for us—that He really wants to perform such a staggeringly great and glorious and divine work in everyone who believes, from his heart, all the words of life in the New Testament concerning this matter.

The sons of man are all lies! (Psalm 62:9.) That is how we are ruined by the sin in ourselves. “Indeed, let God be true, but every man a liar.” Romans 3:4. Jesus said, “I am … the truth  …” John 14:6. It is our heavenly calling to be like Him, now, during the dispensation of grace; in other words, to become truth—pure truth in reality, in all possible areas! This is where Isaiah’s word in Chapter 53 is so undeniably fitting: “Who has believed our report?” Isaiah 53:1.

However, God be greatly praised for each one who really acquires a living faith in Jesus’ and the apostles’ words—because it will succeed through faith! This is the same thing as being saved from all possible forms of hypocrisy, because hypocrisy is lying! See Luke 12:1. Hypocrisy means that I give the appearance of it being better with me in every way than it really is. In other words, it is putting on a performance; it is acting. Then I receive honor for something that I am not in truth, instead of protesting against it with all my might in the name of truth.

Hypocrisy is also in the same category as guile, a lack of uprightness, and dishonesty. We read something especially remarkable that is written about Jesus: He was without guile. Because He is the truth!

In other words, a person can lie in several different ways—not just by telling a direct, base lie or by telling tall tales! Unfortunately, it is quite common to hide one’s own folly and lack of blessedness—and to be very afraid that someone will get to know about it! People are so occupied with justifying and defending themselves according to every possible rule of the game, instead of agreeing with the judgment of the light.

What is it that people dread so much? They dread sinking in the eyes of people! However, they sink only in foolish people’s eyes. Because humbling yourself and going down is doubtless the most rewarding virtue you can find. Then, you are exalted in God’s eyes.

Being afraid of humbling yourself is therefore, spiritually speaking, crazy! This is also why so many people neglect to ask for forgiveness for all kinds of things, despite the fact that they have every good reason to do so, and that it would in truth be the cause of happiness in their inner being! Because the aim is: only truth!

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