Humility is everything

God gives grace to the humble. And then it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. Write that up, as well, it makes no difference what everyone else does. And that is as crystal clear as it can possibly be that salvation is a personal matter between God and each individual. There is no person that can get in between them. It’s a direct connection between God and each individual person. Can any other person get in there? I hope you understand this. I hope you understand what I´m saying. God gives grace to the humble. Who can interrupt that? Who can prevent that? It’s by his grace that it succeeds and grace means help.

We have 2 words for grace – one is to have grace bestowed upon us (to be pardoned) and the other is grace. To have grace bestowed upon us (to be pardoned) that is redemption and forgiveness of sins. That is pardoning. And grace – that is help. It is to get true light and life and to get victory and to go from light to light and from victory to victory and from glory to glory.  And you do that according to the law of humility. And there´s another foolish thought, it´s a kind of type of shyness or modesty. You can think that I am a particularly great wretch and nothing much can come of me. That is 100% lies. There is just as much hope for the very greatest sinner on the earth. It´s not any question of what we have been. It´s a question of how humble we are and continue to be and what we therefore become and that is how we become something in truth. And it goes down to the last milliliter and milligram. God is fervently righteous. There is no respect of persons. Whether it´s a newly converted person or an older brother or whoever it is it makes absolutely no difference everyone is the same before the law. There is no hint of respect of persons and therefore it can also be that it goes very well with some but then it goes to their heads and then they can become completely caput and end up outside. We are at a point of choice countless times a day, hundreds, thousands of times, and all of this is a result of humility or the opposite.

Food for thought

In the message “Humility is everything”, Elias Aslaksen says that a thought like, “I’m a wretch; nothing will ever come of me,” is a lie. Why is this so, according to Aslaksen?

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