The fear of God

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In the deepest sense of the word, the fear of God—according to the yardstick of God’s Word—can almost not be found in this world!!! Alas! Alas! Alas! Jesus said, “Why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do the things which I say?” Luke 6:46. If He is our Lord then we are His servants bound to obey Him in all things! Almost no one sees it like that.

“Who knows the power of Your anger? For as the fear of You, so is Your wrath.” Psalm 90:11. A true and entire fear of God has the effect that we comprehend and realize how very angry and irate God is against all kinds of sin, in all its forms and nuances and in all degrees!

The more we fear to displease God, to transgress His laws and commandments, the more quickly we will distance ourselves from all manner of sin and transgression, and the more diligently and with even greater joy and seriousness, and even more willingly, we will wholeheartedly keep all His words! Who is really, in deadly earnest, afraid to miss out on all of salvation because of empty talk? (James 1:26.) Or by neglecting to do any of all the good things he has opportunity to do? (James 4:17.)

Are you really afraid of it, dear friend?

Food for thought

In the article “The Fear of God”, Aslaksen writes about how angry God is against sin. Write down a Bible verse that describes this. Now find a Bible verse that shows how much He loves you.

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